About pastor steve

Pastor Steve was born in the small South Sea's island of Taiwan in 1971. His parents (Anny and Peter) immigrated to the United States in 1978, where they settled down in East L.A., CA. It was hard growing up in East L.A. being that his family were amongst just a handful of Asians there. In fact, at his elementary school (Sierra Vista) Steve and his sister Esther were the only two kids from the South Pacific enrolled at the time.  Right before 6th Grade, Steve’s parents moved to the suburbs of L.A. (to West Covina) where Steve began attending Suzanne Middle School and Walnut High School, and where he excelled in football and academics.

 After high school, Steve first attended U.C. Riverside, then U.C. Irvine, going from a Highlander to an Anteater, where he began a lifestyle of drinking and partying. At the end of his sophomore year he was expelled from U.C. Irvine by the Dean of his department. This destructive lifestyle continued for a few more years where on any given night Steve was either driving home drunk or passed out at a club in the Los Angeles area, going from relationship after relationship, trying to fill the Christ shaped void in his heart w alcohol and relationships. By the age of 21, Steve went into a dark depression. He sought help from his church, (a Lutheran church in Rowland Heights, CA) from professionals therapists, and others, but nothing was helping. Then 1 month after his 23rd birthday, already having battled w depression for close to 2 years, with an overwhelming feeling of hopelessness, and realizing he had wasted his young life and had burned all his bridges, Steve decided to end his life. He plotted his course, and made one last call to a longtime friend to pass a message to his sister…


…but God intervened.

The friend was a lady friend of Steve’s, a Christian, who counseled Steve to put off killing himself for the night. (early February, 1994) She spoke confidently saying let her pray for one night because her God is a God who intervenes. She pleaded with Steve to give God ONE MORE DAY. Though not convinced that God would help him, Steve eventually agreed. The very next morning, still in a desperate state he decided to go to school as usual, and then end his life later that evening since he only promised his friend "one more day." While driving to Citrus College, Steve was involved in a severe automobile accident on I-210 in La Verne, CA. 

Those who witnessed the accident could not believe that Steve was not hurt. In fact, a police officer who also witnessed the accident testified that it was a miracle he was still alive, being that the car was in total ruins. Thus as Steve stood in the middle of I-210 w traffic speeding by both ways, he realized that in a span of less than 12 hours God had intervened twice to keep him alive. Thus realizing God's love for him, and feeling God's presence upon him for the first time in his life, Steve gave his life to Jesus right there in between west bound and east bound traffic on I-210 in La Verne that morning.

Steve immediately started attending Calvary Chapel Golden Springs where Raul Ries is pastor. Shortly thereafter, steve felt the Lord's leading to enroll at Calvary Chapel Bible College. Steve was both a student and served on the security staff. It was there that Steve met his beautiful wife Jodi. After a courtship of six months, they married in September of 2001. Feeling the Lord's calling to plant a church, Steve and Jodi moved across the country to Fredericksburg, VA. Steve worked at 90.5fm WJYJ as the station manager as his "tent making" ministry and initially attended Calvary Chapel Fredericksburg, and was later on staff at Calvary Chapel Richmond. Then on October 17, 2004 Steve and Jodi embarked on another venture in faith with the urging of some of the local VA Calvary Chapel pastors and started Sunday service as a Calvary Chapel church.

David and Jenn Gould have been attending Calvary Chapel Stafford since 2010. A PK himself, David grew up in the church where his father (Pastor Kevin Gould) pastored a church in Alaska. There David met Jenn in youth group, and as they say, the rest is history.

David has been serving as the worship minister since 2010, faithfully leading CC Stafford in worship for over a decade. 

David and Jenn have also been leading our youth group since the Spring of 2023, faithfully serving our youth w the bible and a place to let their hairs down.

Please join us Sundays for the bible, worship and fellowship.

"and the Lord added to the church daily those who are being saved."