what to expect

Common questions we sometimes get before people join us at Calvary Chapel Stafford

1- When is service on Sundays??

We have worship service Sundays at 10:30am. Sunday service consists of a time devoted to worship thru music (roughly 20 minutes long) and then a time devoted to worship thru the teaching of God's word (roughly 35 minutes long). Currently Pastor Steve is taking CC Stafford thru a verse by verse study thru the gospel of Mark... If you have further questions, you can email Steve at zechfoursix@yahoo.com.

2- What type of Worship Service (music) is it??

Our style of Worship Service is contemporary. Our worship ministers seek to get out of the way, to not be a distraction, so you can focus on Jesus. In the Gospel of John, it is said – “He must INCREASE and I must DECREASE”… If you have further questions, you can email David (our worship minister) at gouldshouse@hotmail.com.

3- How should I dress for Sunday Service??

We suggest you wear what you would if you were going to a friend's house… (basically what you feel comfortable in)… If you feel comfortable in a pair of jeans and flip-flops, by all means wear them… If you feel comfortable wearing your “Sunday’s Best” then by all means do so… At Calvary Chapel, we are not caught up with what you wear to church or how you might appear to others. Our concern has to do with your heart… Jesus Himself spoke on this when He scolded the Religious Leaders of His day by labeling them “whitewashed tombs”, clean and beautiful on the outside, yet inside they were full of unclean dirty dead bones… Our desire is that you come just as you are. It’s sad too many Christians take too much time Sunday mornings to prepare what they would wear rather than prepare their hearts to receive what God has for them from the Word.


4- Will there be something for my kids??

Yes… If you have a newborn, we have a place where you are able to nurse your newborn in private while still being able to follow along with Pastor Steve thru an audio feed… If you have a toddler and/or a child up to the age of 3, we have nursery care upstairs called “Little Lambs” where you can drop your little one(s) off prior to the start of service. If you have kids ages 4 and up, we have our “Little Creations/Soldiers” class during the service upstairs. Teenagers are expected to stay in the worship service… If you have further questions, you can email Steve at zechfoursix@yahoo.com

5- Can I have my kids sit in service with me??

Our desire is that you are not distracted during the “teaching” portion of the service (as well as those around you). It is important to us that you leave service with a greater understanding of His Word, thus we ask children from your toddlers up to the age of 11 be in one of our children’s ministry classes… Our desire also is that your little ones leave church having been taught a simple bible  teaching… If you have further questions, you can email Steve at zechfoursix@yahoo.com

6- I’ve noticed you don’t take an offering?? (“pass the plate”) How can I give??

Well, as you come in to (or go out of) the Sanctuary, you will notice a “grey box”, we call it our “AGAPE BOX” or our “TITHE BOX”… This is where you can simply drop your tithes and offerings either on your way in or on your way out. At the same time you can give your tithes and offerings online thru this website simply by clicking on the “DONATE” tab on the top right of the menu bar. It’s safe and secure… At Calvary Chapel, we don’t want to make a big deal of the collecting of your “tithes and offering”. Throughout the history of the church, many people have been turned off by the over-emphases of the collection of the “offering” during the worship service, thus the “tithe box” is there in the back… However, this is not to diminish the important of your “giving” to God. In your giving of your tithes and offerings, it is actually an extension of the Worship Service because we believe that a Christian also worships God in his or her giving… The problem has been that some pastors and evangelists have portrayed God as being broke, in need of your money, or else the church or ministry will not survive. That is just not the case. At Calvary Chapel, we fully believe that “where He guides, He will provide.”

(The giving of your tithes and offerings over this website goes directly to the church. One of the features of the online giving service is that you can set up a recurring weekly/monthly gift with just one simple click. By clicking on the “DONATE” tab on the top right of the menu bar you will be taken to another page where you can give anytime of the day, any day.)

7- What type of “sermon” will I get, and how long does the sermon usually take??

Pastor Steve teaches verse by verse, chapter by chapter thru the Bible. We are currently in the gospel of Mark… As a church, we have already gone thru Matthew, Luke, Acts (twice), 1 Corinthians, Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, 2 Timothy, James, Revelation, the prophets Daniel, Hosea, Joel, Jonah, Habakkuk, and Zechariah, and the Old Testament books of Genesis, Ruth and Esther… On a given Sunday, Pastor Steve usually takes 30 to 40 minutes…

8- What do I do or who do I tell if I have a prayer request??

If you like, you can speak to Pastor Steve anytime after the service or email him directly at zechfoursix@yahoo.com. Also, you can leave a written prayer request in our “Tithe Box” if you feel more comfortable. You can also pray with any of our ministry team members after service as they are always there to serve and minister to your needs and to offer up a prayer…


9- Why is there a picture of the beach on this website??

It's simple. Both Steve and Jodi grew up on the beach. Pastor Steve grew up on the beaches of Southern California, and Jodi on the coast of Washington. And even now, they make their way to VA Beach all the time to vacation.

10- Is there a place I can learn about Pastor Steve’s Conversion??

You can watch Pastor Steve give his testimony on YouTube below given at Calvary Chapel of Williamsburg. Simply click this link.